Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin, Speeches, and Kids

My two teen daughters stayed up late last night with me to watch Sarah Palin's convention speech. It was overheard, as Governor Palin spoke of her children:

"I feel sorry for her kids. Their mom talking about them in front of the whole country."
"They have it worse than us."
"Yeah, our mom only talks about us at homeschooling conferences."

I talk about them on the Internet too, but I didn't bring that up.

BTW, the speech was excellent. I would've liked to heard something on the right to life from conception to natural death, but other than that she was right on.

I just got to share this one little tidbit from the speech. Palin's little girl spit shining the baby's hair. Too cute.

If you missed the speech, here's the whole thing:

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the speech too. Especially about having an advocate in the White House for children with "special needs" and wanting the world to be more accepting of them.

The world is becoming more hostile toward God's Wildflowers. Will we see the return or warehousing anyone who doesn't meet our society's standards? I think no. Instead, the medical community will push for keeping them from drawing breath or taking it away from them when they become too expensive.

That is the biggest reason I don't want socialized medicine to come here. I don't want to worry that we have to go to court to get treatment and have our dignity taken from us.

A friend of mine has children and grandchildren living in Canada. They brought an elderly neighbor lady to the clinic. It wasn't first come, first serve or more serious over less serious. It was least serious over more serious. They took her last. My friend and her daughter thought that they saw her as a drain on resources. Maybe they figured she might keel over before they got to her! I don't know.

Then in Europe was a story about parents who were denied keeping their newborn on life support because the boy/girl was going to die anyway and your withholding resources for someone else. Also, another friend told me you don't see a gynecologist in England. You mostly see nurses and that. Specialists, I guess, are an unreasonable drain on resources. Can't verify what my friends said, but these are the stories you hear come out of socialized countries.

Can I ask an obvious question? If Dem voters want us to emulate these countries, why don't they live over there? Why can't they let us be? Why can't we share this country? Why must they feel the need to change and reprogram us?

Ugh, politics makes me frustrated. Palin gives me hope if she's elected.