Saturday, September 27, 2008

God Please Bless All the Aliens

Super Boy saying his prayers:

"Dear God please bless everyone in the whole entire world. Specially help the bad guys so they turn good. Bless everyone in the whole entire universe and everyone in space and all the spacemen and all the aliens floating in space and living on other planets. And bless Jesus and all the angels floating in heaven and my whole entire family. Amen."


Anonymous said...

LOL! I saw the title on my google reader, and couldn't imagine what it would be about.

Too funny! :)

Jen Ambrose said...

Good guys, bad guys, aliens, angels.....sounds like my house, too!

Anonymous said...

Sons! (sigh) :)

Dr. Thursday said...


There's a prayer used at Eucharistic Adoration that asks that the reign of the Sacred Heart be extended "throughout the entire universe". And there's that wonderful psalm 19 or 18 or something, about the heavens declaring the glory of God. On the last day at work where we had the satellite port I used it to send that psalm out into space.... yes I really did. And the exclamation of John the Baptist which we hear at every Holy Mass really says "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the COSMOS." (=universe) Yes it does, I can show where it says.

And finally, somewhere I have seen am old prayer (or hymn?) that talks about God blessing Jesus.

Moreover there's that very moving line Chesterton quotes in his The New Jerusalem when they showed him Gethsemane and the young native boy said "this is where God said his prayers".

Yes. I don't "believe" in aliens, but neither do I say they cannot exist. And if there are, and they have free will, it is quite reasonable to pray for them. Look what happened with Columbus! So someday there may have to be missions, but for now we have this planet to be busy with.

That was great, and I will post it on my own blogg.

Maureen said...

I loved the post at your blog Dr. Thrusday. Thank you! I love your insights!