Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Courageous Love in Light of Suffering

Ten years ago, my friend Linda's dad, Tom, passed away. Tom suffered from mental illness most of his adult life. As with any illness, physical or mental, Tom suffered. His wife and children suffered. Yet, as we know as Catholics, goodness can come suffering. His children grew up to be loving, caring, and devoutly faithful individuals. In good part because of his illness and because of their mother's devotion.

Linda's mom was a saint who treated her husband with nothing less than love and respect even though it would've been so easy to complain and seek pity. She stuck with him for decades even though it would have been so easy to pick up and leave. Her life was a testament to selfless marital love and we can all learn from it.

Linda's sister Lisa shares on her blog, Faithfulness, her eulogy from Tom's funeral. Go and read it.

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EC Gefroh said...

Maureen, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful tribute to a special family. The eulogy was so touching.