Monday, September 15, 2008

The Pajama Prize Award

When I took Christian to Steuby, I stayed with my friends Mike and Terri in Pittsburgh. Because I am notorious for leaving things behind when I go visiting, I was very careful to double check the bedroom and every other room I had been in during my visit. But, lo and behold, to my great embarrassment, I still managed to leave something behind.

A week later a package arrived from Terri, with my pajamas. Also included was the following letter:

Dear Ms. Wittmann,

We are pleased to inform you that your book has been chosen as the winner of the first annual Pajama Prize!

This highly coveted award is given to the author of a helpful Catholic homeschooling book. Why Pajama Prize? Because you are helping women to homeschool, you are allowing them (and their children) to remain in their pajamas as long as they so choose!

Please accept this pair of (freshly laundered) pajamas as your prize.
Congratulations on winning this highly coveted award.

Pajama Prize Award Committee

Terri says that as the first recipient I can pass on the Pajama Prize. All you have to do to be eligible is be an author of a helpful homeschooling book, spend the night at my house, and leave behind your pajamas. So easy -- enter today!
P.S. One word of advice. Wear cute jammies like the ones in the picture. Not an old ratty T-shirt and flannel pants.


Alice Gunther said...


Maureen said...

Thanks Alice!

Are you planning on coming to Michigan anytime soo? Haystack Full of Needles does certainly qualify as a helpful homeschool book!

Anonymous said...

I still think we should have sold them on eBay.

Maureen said...

ROFL! Yes, that would've been fun. You and Terri could have written up a whole funny story to go with it and we could've spread it all over the blogosphere. Sure, I would've been embarrassed to death, but hey we could donate the millions raised for charity. It would've been like that woman who got a fortune auctioning a pack of Pokemon cards that her baby threw into the shopping cart unbeknownst to her -- she wrote this hysterically funny story to go with the auction and people bid high just because she gave them a laugh, even though the pack of cards was nothing special. (Yes, I know that's a run-on sentence.) And I'm sure people would just love to own my ratty old jammies (freshly laundered). Lesson learned -- always wear your best jammies and underclothes when you visit friends just in case you leave them behind!

Olivia F. said...

As marketing manager for Natalie Wickham, author of "Pajama School - stories from the life of a homeschool graduate," I found this story (and the award) quite amusing. :)

I just found this blog earlier today, and then lo and behold, this post shows up in my search results when I'm searching in connection with my work! :)

Have a blessed day! ~Olivia N.