Wednesday, September 10, 2008

State Control of Homeschoolers?

The Detroit News has been running a series of articles on proposed regulations on homeschoolers in Michigan. You can voice your opinion at Detroit News Poll.

Personally, I voted a big fat NO.

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Anonymous said...

Rep. Brenda Clack (D-Flint) who introduced HB 5912 Bill in March 2008 that homeschoolers register with state of Michigan, now states in this Detroit News article that "she introduced the bill earlier this year to allow for a complete picture of the number of students being educated in Michigan." Also, Rep. Clack continues in today's Detroit News article to say "Many children who are homeschooled in their elementary years transfer to public schools in middle or high school "because they want to be mainstreamed with everyone else," Clack said. But without any accountability as to the "number of students that are being homeschooled, it could pose a problem in the future. (Registering) gives information for districts to plan in the future, even the building of new schools."

This is a different explanation than Rep. Clack and the others sponsors of HB 5912 originally stated when HB 5912 was introduced which was "The bill's sponsors said that registration would help public school districts tackle truancy problems - cases in which dropouts say they are being home-schooled but are not." (source:

Still wondering what the sponsors of HB 5912 real intention is.