Monday, November 03, 2008

The Selflessness of Socialism

Apparently, being against socialism is selfish. The government on the other hand is selfless when it steals my hard-earned money to pay for programs I am against, instead of allowing me to share the wealth voluntarily to programs I support. Interesting.

If Senator Obama wants to share his toys and split his PB&J sandwich, then that is selfless. Good for him. When he is forced to give up his toys and PB&J against his will, it is selfish on behalf of the authority who forces him to do so.

Perhaps the senator should study up on the definitions of socialism and communism.

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Juli said...

I don't know if you have ever seen Governor Huckabee's new show on Foxnews, but he said about the same thing you did. He wants to be able to decide who to give his money too instead of funding things the government decides to throw their money at like "spending millions of dollars to study waterless urinals". If they let us keep more of our money then we'll have money to give and be charitable. Obama is such a master of turning people's words around to make them look bad. I can't believe how many people buy into that and think he is such a good man.