Monday, November 03, 2008

Under My Plan Electric Bills Will Skyrocket

In his own words:


Renee said...

Here in AL (and other states served by TVA) our electric rates went up 19% and within weeks it was announced that the head of the company was getting a raise... $2.7million wasn't enough, he's now getting $3.2million.... guess that's what the increase is really paying

Anonymous said...

Oh no question about it, just as Granholm's enacted mandate that utility companies have to produce 10% of their total energy output from renewable source is projected to increase our rates by at least 25% in the near-term. In fairness, part of it is they shifted some commercial subsidies of residential customers back on us, so they say But it may be that the renewable related rate increases are farther down the road. Obama's plans are much farther-reaching. Of course they both sell this on job creation which is ludicrous. And of course Obama is going to mandate that the utility companies provide credits or rebates for the poor who can't afford the higher rates, increasing rates even more on paying customers. The price of socialism is much higher than just the obvious tax increases.