Friday, November 07, 2008

Where She Becomes the Mother of Four Teens

Tomorrow my 12-year old becomes a 13-year old and I become the mother of four teenagers.

I know I should be scared, very scared, but I'm excited. He's turning into such a fine young man. He always has a kind word and a hug for his mom. As he's grown older, he's actually grown helpful around the house. Gosh, the day may even come soon when he does schoolwork without endless prodding. Hey, it could happen!

Happy birthday Buster!!!! I love you!!!!

(Buster picked out the picture. Sparky says to tell you he took it.)

PS Happy birthday wishes for tomorrow also go to Mike Aquilina, Patrick Madrid, and Jeff Cavins. As Buster would say, "All the cool people are born on November 8th."

Addendum -- Dorothy Day also shares a birthday with Buster. Both future saints I'm sure. I hope.


dad said...

Don't forget Dorothy Day. Happy Day, Buster!

Maureen said...

Oh, that's right -- how could I forget! I'm sorry Dorothy!!! Many future saints born on 11/08!!!

Happy birthday Mike!