Thursday, March 15, 2007

Campaign for The Companion

For all of you taking advantage of Library Thing, make sure you've included The Catholic Homeschool Companion and given it a rating. If The Companion gets at least ten ratings of 5 stars, it'll receive special status at Library Thing. Cool.
UPDATE: It seems there is a bit of a glitch. As of a week or more ago, there is no author name when uploading The Catholic Homeschool Companion. As a result, when you want to see who else has The Companion in their library, it doesn't show all of the members. To correct this, add "Maureen Wittmann" (2 t's, 2 n's, no h) to the author box. Hopefully, that'll fix the problem.


Simple Faith and Life said...

Glad you told us this, Maureen. It was the first book I put in yesterday...but I didn't rate any books. I go. Good luck. :)

Maureen said...

Thank you MM!