Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Overpopulation Myth

This week's column is up over at Catholic Exhange. It's a reprint from Earth Day 5 years ago, originally appearing in Our Sunday Visitor. April 22nd, Earth Day, is right around the corner, so start preparing now!
She looked up from the literature and into the eyes of the gentleman manning the table and said, "We must be your worst nightmare." Shocked, the man said nothing as my friend strolled away. Then suddenly she heard him calling after her. He was running toward her, waving his literature frantically, yelling, "Wait, wait! It's not too late to stop!"

The friend mentioned in the story is Kim over at Starry Sky Ranch.

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Leticia said...

Good for Kim to confront the man face to face! She reminds me of what the father in the original "Cheaper by the Dozen" did to the Planned Parenthood lady!