Friday, March 16, 2007

More on the Library Thing

A really, really easy way to get books on your Library Thing is to visit the Library Things of like-minded friends. You can just click on the green plus sign and the book will automatically copy to your account. I just gave it a try over at Alicia's Library Thing and it worked beautifully.

Also, everyone is raving about the bar code scanner and so I absoluetly must have one. This will help get books into my Library Thing quickly and as well as help me keep track of what I've lent out. But, first I need to sell a book to pay for it!

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Simple Faith and Life said...

I went to yours and Alicia's, and saw that my rating of your book wasn't there. On my whatever-you-call-it :), no one else's ratings or ownership of the book was coming up. So I went sleuthing to find out why not. I saw that my listing didn't have the author listed. Don't know why, since it came up with the correct picture. But I added author and up popped the info about other people who have the book and the ratings, including mine. Yay, finally... :)