Friday, March 16, 2007

Judge Goes After Homeschool Mom

Please pray for this homeschooling mom.

New Jersey Judge Orders Penal Charges Against Mom for Home-Schooling

If you're a judge and you don't like the law, just make new law from the bench.


Suzanne said...

Let us keep this mother in our prayers...we all know what this is like..the fears...all in trying to do what we think and believe the Lord has called us to do. Let us pray for the children, as well.
Lord, it has been a troubling and there..not that the world is exactly peaceful..its certainly seemed a bigger playground for the "creep."

Anonymous said...

Wow! This judge certainly seems to be overreaching. 'Definitely a case for the HSLDA!!! At first I thought the case would be about father's rights and whether the father gets any say in the mother's choices, but this really does seem to be all about violating homeschooling rights!

Anonymous said...

Praying for the judge, praying for the mom and kids.