Thursday, March 01, 2007

PopeStNick5 Success Story

I rcvd. the following email today:

Dear Maureen,

I just did my periodic check of books I have requested my library system buy. My library now has the Dawn Eden book. It purchased 5 copies; all are currently checked out or being held for someone. I am the only person on the request list. My library system did own the Josh Harris when you posted about it. I did check that out.

-- Sharon

This is why I run the Pope Saint Nicholas V email list (join today!), as well as post the library suggestions here on the blog. How awesome is it that Thrill of the Chaste is not only in libraries, but being checked out by the masses!
Go to your library website now and make a purchase request. Click on the PopeStNick5 label below if you need some ideas.

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