Friday, March 23, 2007

Sparky and His Pet Rat

After meticulously editing his essay and seeking his father's advice on capitalization, Sparky has asked that I post his literary creation on the blog so that the rest of the world may benefit from his words (I have changed the names to protect the innocent):

Sparky's New Rat
By Sparky

Sparky asked his dad for a new rat. Dad said yes. Sparky named his rat Sandy.

Sandy loves her ball. One day Sandy got out of her ball. Dad and Sparky looked everywhere. They looked under the couch. But then Sandy popped out of one of the cushions and then they grabbed Sandy by her tail and put her back in her cage.

The End


Nancy C. Brown said...

Way to go Sparky! Great essay.

I like the part where Sandy almost gets away.

Mrs. B. said...


You did a great job on your story about Sandy! I will have to show it to Matt. Perhaps you will follow in your Mother's footsteps and be a writer.

Catherine said...

Great job, Sparky! Man, you're a better writer than what I was, back when I was your age (which really wasn't *that* many years ago)!

Keep up the good work!


aunt eileen said...

this is the coolest rat story i have ever heard. i was enthralled. i think i want a rat like sandy. your story was so interesting i couldnt put it down. you should write pet story books. your an amazing writer.