Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honey, Are We Pro-life or Pro-Choice?

"Hi! We're collecting pop cans to raise money for our trip to Washington, D.C. in January for the March for Life."
"That's a pro-life thing right?"
"Hold on. I need to ask my husband."
Turning to holler to her husband, "Honey! Are we pro-life or pro-choice?"

Turned out they were pro-choice and the teens from the Homeschoolers 4 Life didn't get any pop cans from that house. But they did manage to collect $101 in pop and beer cans (10 cents a can here in MI) and donations from the rest of the neighborhood.

Crazy thing how some people don't even know if they're pro-abort or not.


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Also telling is that the husband decides that they are pro-abort.

Gee, I thought it was all about empowering women and that us crazy Christians were the only ones who took that "man-as-head-of-household" approach.

Glad you were able to raise money that way. Our Respect Life Committee is probably going to have a contest (essay, I think) for one teen to go to the youth events and lock-in for the March this year. My girls are still too young for that.

MAB said...

This reminds me of Walter Williams, a professor from George Mason who used to sometimes fill in for Rush Limbaugh on the radio. He said (tongue-in-cheek, I hope) that giving women the vote really gave every married man two votes, because wives had vowed to obey their husbands! Then he went on to say how on Election Day he gives Mrs. Williams her marching orders. Again, tongue-in-cheek (I hope, for her sake)!

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Allegiance Mom,

It's stuff like that that makes me wonder if they weren't completely stupid to give women the vote. ;)