Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Latin Road

Also getting an award this week for expediency is Schola Publications. I ordered The Latin Road on Thursday and it got here Saturday morning. Whew, good thing since Teen Daughter Two's Latin club starts on Monday morning!


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Wow-- a bit pricey there-- how does it compare with Ruth Wilson's Language Principles with latn Background?

Maureen said...

I honestly don't know how they compare. I haven't even looked at The Latin Road. My friend Cecelia is teaching a group of teenagers. So, I only had to buy the $40 Complete Student Package. Ceci tells me that it's her favorite Latin program and loves it.

Teen Daughter One used Language Principles via Laura Berquist and absolutely hated it. She cringes now everytime she hears the word Latin!

Anonymous said...

Catherine used it also and hated it. I am not going to use it for Jimmy. I fimally, after using various Latin books, signed Catherine up for an on-line latin class. So far she is getting an A+. She takes her books with her to study. She likes it because she has a teacher who knows what she is talking about. I had no clue. Not sure what I will do with my other kids. I may have Jimmy go through Our Roman Roots by James Leek. I bought that last year hoping it would be better than the other latin books I had used.

Good luck to Teen Daughter two. I am sure she will do well with the Latin Club. $40.00 is a great deal!Plus it will be fun to learn with the other homeschoolers.