Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soon-to-Be Mother of a Man Child

In just a few short days, I'll be the mother of an adult. Teen Son will be turning 18. I want the day to be special for him and have some ideas in mind, but I won't mention them at this time in case he reads my blog.

What are your ideas? What have you done for your children on their 18th birthday?

Gosh, where did the time go?


momto5minnies said...

WOW, my oldest will be turning 12 shortly. I can only add that I too do NOT know where the time has gone!

Simple Faith and Life said...

Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday to Teen Son!! As they say in the Eastern rite: God grant him many years, in peace, health and happiness.

Michelle said...

Congratulations Maureen! My second child is turning 18 next week. She and I went to the Josh Groban concert a month ago. On her actual birthday she's pitching in and we're taking her younger sibs to make a Boyd's Bear and then out to dinner.

Yes, where does the time go?