Monday, March 24, 2008

Blendy Pens

The best present the Easter Bunny brought to our house was Blendy Pens. He left them for the 5-year old, but everyone loved them. Everyone! Even the 18-year old. All seven kids immediately set to coloring upon discovering their Easter baskets yesterday morning. I had to remind them three times to get dressed for Mass. Not that I don't usually have to tell them three times to do anything.

The pens came with us to the B's for our Easter gathering as the kids wanted to continue coloring in the car. They even planned a coloring contest.

The funny thing is that the Blendy Pens were an impulse buy -- something I normally advise against as The Thrify Homeschooler. But, you see, the Easter Bunny waited until all the littles were asleep Saturday evening to buy the Easter candy and Meijers was almost out of everything. There wasn't a single Peep in the whole store! Thankfully, there were some chocolate bunnies and Starburst jelly beans left. But that was it. So, the Blendy Pens were added to the littlest guy's basket.

If you haven't seen these pens, they're markers that you can pair up with one another to make new color compinations. The kids had fun blending the colors and figuring out how to use them for shading. They come with some very nice coloring pages and blank stickers.

I noticed this morning that not all of the reviews at are good. I'm not exactly sure why they were disappointed. I'm wondering if some of them didn't read the instructions properly. Our pens are still going strong after 7 kids, all their friends, and nonstop coloring for a whole day.

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