Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's Hotspot

Today I tackle my kitchen pantry.

I admit it, I am not a neat and organized person. People often ask how I find time to write. Well, the answer is easy. I don't take time to clean house. Instead of taking a few extra minutes to put away groceries in a neat and orderly fashion, I just cram them in wherever they'll fit. But today that ends.

Hey, it could happen!


adrienne said...

Good luck! I have been slowly reorganizing my kitchen over the last couple months, and I've finally gotten it to a place where it's easier to use/keep organized. We'll see how long it lasts. As you note, one way I manage to write so much is by letting household tasks slide. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maureen! I'm Krysten Snow, we met at the Memphis Conference. I was at the Bethlehem Books table. Anyway, I didn't get to chat with you too much, but I just read your book and it is GREAT! It's perfect for Catholic homeschoolers. I have several books that are similar, but having a Catholic perspective is invalueable! Thanks again.

I would do better to write something on the organization piece, as I find it easy for me and struggle with the homeschooling. I hope your task didn't stump you. Just a hint I use in the pantry. I buy large canning jars, and fill them with nuts, seeds, beans, and dried fruits. They are a great size and you can see in them. Larger plasic containers are great for flour, lg. quantities of beans, popcorn, etc.

Ope, you didn't ask my opinion. God bless your endeavor and visit me at my blog too. www.snowydaystk.blogspot.com

Thanks again for coming to Memphis. You gave my heart a much needed rest.

Maureen said...

Krysten, thank you so much -- what awesome ideas! I'm so clueless in this area. I have so much to learn in the domestic arts! My mom was a machinist not a homemeaker so I didn't learn it growing up.

Please, please, keep those ideas coming. If you'd like to email me (mwittlans@aol.com) I'll can post your ideas right to the blog.

Memphis was wonderful. Everyone was so kind and friendly. You all do a wonderful job putting together your conference.