Monday, March 03, 2008

The Wanderer LOL Review

For those of you who have been just absolutely dying to know how The Wanderer review went, I have it here for you:

For the Love Of Literature
Pete Vere

Maureen Wittmann is a name known to many Catholic home­schooling parents. Maureen has written and edited several practi­cal works on Catholic home­schooling. (Full disclosure: I au­thored the canon law chapter of The Catholic Homeschool Com­panion, a compilation of home­schooling essays she edited with Rachel Mackson for Sophia Insti­tute Press.) Maureen’s most recent offering is For the Love of Literature: Teaching Core Subjects With Lit­erature (ISBN 978-0-9797609-0­9). This 253-page book helps home-schooling parents build a reading curriculum for their chil­dren in a diversity of subjects — including art and music apprecia­tion, math, history, science, and building a reading library.

The first few chapters offer nu­merous tips on where to find good home-schooling resources. From the local library to the Internet to small publishers catering to the home-school market, Maureen has amassed a number of resources in her 12 years as a home-schooling mother. She is also experienced at adapting these resources to her own children, turning books into learning plans. These experiences are the basis for several practical suggestions Maureen shares with the reader.

Yet the bulk of the book is bib­liography. There are hundreds of titles listed that parents may find useful in building a home- school­ing curriculum. Each entry pro­vides the book’s name, approxi­mate age category, and two or three sentences describing its con­tent. Also noted is whether the book is Catholic or contains ob­jectionable content.

For the Love of Literature re­tails for $ 12.95 and is published by Ecce Homo Press, a small pub­lisher of Catholic home-schooling materials based out of La Grange, Ky. (

Thank you Pete and Wanderer editors.

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