Monday, March 17, 2008

The Six-Month Purge

Inspired by my friend Michelle, I've embarked on a six-month purge. I'm having coffee with Michelle and a few other friends tomorrow evening for our monthly TJEd discussion (Thomas Jefferson Education) and I plan on holding Michelle captive until she tells me all her tips and ideas on purging and organizing.

My plan for the moment is to hit one hot spot a day. Today it was all the Salvation Army items out in my garage. Over the winter I've been tossing unneeded items into the garage and it turned into a big cluttered mess. This morning Teen Daughters helped get it all bagged up and into my trunk. Four big trash bags, a large box, and several more small grocery bags full of clothes and household items. I even made the drive to Salvation Army and got it into their door!

I'm also committed to going through my bookshelves a little at a time. So, you'll be seeing me at CathSwap quite often over the next month.

To hold myself accountable, I plan on posting about the whole declutter / purging / organizing experience on a regular basis. So, if I don't post on it in a while -- call me on it. Help me keep on track! And, hey, feel free to join me. Big jobs are always easier when you have friends doing it with you! Spring, and hence spring cleaning, is around the corner.


Anonymous said...

I will be checking in on your Declutter postings regularly! I have enjoyed the start of the 6 month purge, now I just need to stick with it, that will be the hard part. Plus with others purging too I am tempted to take in all of their poor homeless items. Lorri

Maureen said...

Oh Lorri, I know. My first thought was that I need to take this big huge stack of books to the discussion tonight and see if anyone wants them. But then, you're all decluttering too. There are two or three I'll bring because they are ones you may actually use, but I promise not to tempt you with any more.