Friday, March 07, 2008

Catholic Blog Awards

This year's Catholic Blog Awards are up and running. I recommend visiting the website and checking out the wide array of Catholic blogs available to you. I like to set aside a couple of hours to peruse all the choices. I save voting until after I've done this. Sometimes I discover a new favorite blog. You do have to register to vote, but it takes less than a minute, even with my dinosaur dial-up.

I'm up for Best Individual Blog and Teen Son is up for Best New Blog. I have to admit utter surprise that I didn't get nominated for Best Designed Blog. Don't you all just love my simple, clean template that I borrowed from Blogger? One of these days, I'll get around to jazzing up my blog.

That is one category where I always check out every single nominee -- Best Designed Blog. I'm surprised by how many blogs with borrowed templates get nominated. I make sure to vote for a blog that has an original design -- something that is unique and attractive.

Now go vote.

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