Friday, April 04, 2008

Big Families and College Tuition

Here's your chance to help a nice Catholic family get their kids into college:

Howdy Friends & Family

Our family has entered a $25,000 nationwide UPromise college scholarship contest in which you submit a 30 second video (no more than 5 MB in size) explaining why you'd like $25K towards college. We made a cute parody of "The Brady Bunch" and all nine of our kids fill up the nine squares! You have to watch it a few times, because the kids thought of several creative things that happen as our oldest, Nathan and Matthew, sing about why they need the money for college. You can vote for and view our video, "Our College Fund", at:

A larger version of the video is on YouTube:

We received a phone call Friday that our video made it into the Top 10 and now the $25K Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by the voting public! YOU can help us win by voting ONCE PER DAY (if possible) April 1 through April 16. We would be so appreciative if you (and any family or friends you think may enjoy the video and vote) could help us win the scholarship!

I'd like to email you a quick reminder to vote each day. Just let me know if you'd rather not be on the list. If you spread the word and someone else would like to be added to the daily vote reminder list, I can add them if they email me at:

Thank you in advance for any help you can give towards this effort! And again, please feel free to forward this email to any friends or familyyou think may enjoy the video and vote. We may never be able to know orthank everyone who voted, so please accept our heartfelt THANKS from our whole family!!

UPromise Contest Voting:
"Our College Fund" video parody of "The Brady Bunch"
* April 1 - April 16

-- Christopher & Kimberly Kocmoud

Now, go tell all your friends that they need to vote for this family! Feel free to cut and paste this post or link to it. As a mom of seven struggling at this very moment with the college tuition challenge, I'd love to see this family win. Plus, their video clip is way too cute. Thanks Linda B. for sending it to me.

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