Monday, April 28, 2008

Helping Homeschoolers in the Library

Adrienne Furness has kindly included For the Love of Literature as a must-have book for public libraries. Thank you Adrienne!

If you haven't yet, ask your library to purchase Adrienne's book, Helping Homeschoolers in the Library. I have a review copy here and I'm very happy with Adrienne's portrayal of the homeschooling population. In fact, I gave her a five-star review at Amazon.

On a similar note, I've learned recently that For the Love of Literature is being featured at several library shows and a good number of public libraries have purchased copies for their collections. If you don't yet own For the Love of Literature and would like a peek at it before you spend your hard earned money, then check your library. If they don't have it on the shelf yet, check inter-library loan options or make a purchase request.

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