Saturday, April 05, 2008

Planning: For the Love of Lit Style

Thank you Mrs. T. for your kind words for For the Love of Literature. If you're starting to think about next school year and like to see what other people are doing, then pay a visit to Mrs. T.'s blog: Saint Daniel the Stylite Academy.

I've already sung the praises of Maureen Wittmann's For the Love of Literature, but I have to say again how helpful a resource it's been as I've tried to hash out plans for next year. I'm not a micro-planner, as in, here's what we'll be doing from 9:02-9:07.5 . . . but I am a macro-planner. I have an idea of the broad scope of things, and usually as I'm making big plans for the following year, my mind is filling in the blanks under each subject heading with, " . . . and we'll read some stuff." This year, I actually have an idea what stuff we'll read, and I think I have a shot at keeping us in books for the entire year (other problem: under-buying, and/or under-utilizing the library).

So here are our book lists for next year, so far:


Sally Thomas said...

Thanks for the link, Maureen. I really am finding this book no end of helpful -- it's sort of like CHC's High School of Your Dreams, which I also like, in that technically I COULD compile lists like this myself, but not in time for my oldest to graduate from high school. I don't want PLANS, as in "it's 8:05, so you should be reading the first sentence on page 12 of your underwater-basketweaving workbook and filling in the blanks, odd numbers only." Some people like this kind of thing, but I can't live that way! I just need the answer to "what do we read if we want to learn X?"

OK, so I'm shamelessly promoting you some more. To yourself. Which I guess counts as "Shameless Self-Promotion."

Sally T

Maureen said...

Promote away Sally :-). I've got 300 copies of LOL in my living room and I don't want to move them to the new house. I better get selling! Thank you for your kind post! I'm like you. I just can't do the hour by hour planning. Just give me a library card (or bookstore gift certificate) and point me in the right direction!