Saturday, April 19, 2008

St. Jude Novena, Day Nine

St. Jude pray for us!

The inspection finally took place yesterday. The date had been put off over and over again due to problems hooking up the propane to the house. You see, the house is a foreclosure and has been vacant for quite some time. It seems that the company who winterized the house did an incompetent job.

When we finally got to inspection, we discovered the pipes had not been properly winterized either. The pipes had burst sometime in the past week and there is considerable water damage to the lower level.

We immediately went to the bank and asked for a reduction in price. The bank told us so sad too bad. We knew it was an "as is" deal and they don't negotiate price after an offer has been accepted.

So, we may be walking away from the Charlotte Mason house. We'll see what happens on Monday.


Hillside Education said...

Well . . . what did you decide. Is it meant to be for you? It did look like such a cool place!
Praying for you

Anonymous said...

Be assured of our family’s prayers w/ your housing struggle as we endure our own. We have been waiting and waiting for our home to sell (over 6 mos.) so that we can move. This move has pure intentions – closer to Matt’s work. A lot closer as his current commute is 2 ½ hours – each way!! We would just like to have more time w/ husband and father. A very good reason, right? We’re good people, right? So, why is it taking so long???

Still we wait. Waiting is never easy - those poor wandering Israelites in the desert come to mind, the entire Jewish nation awaiting a Messiah, a child waiting for their next birthday, a mother awaiting the birth of the new baby.

We wait. Bargaining w/ God the whole while. If I just pray better the house will sell. If I can control my temper, become more patient, teach my children better, if I can be a better wife – if I….. As if it all is up to me. As if I can make it happen by what I do….

God is certainly in control – His timing is perfect. May I be more perfect in it.

St. Jude and St. Joseph pray for us both.

Much Love,

P.S. – I’ve finally had a time to read your book – LOVE IT.. look for a review on HMS Weds/Thurs.