Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our Charlotte Mason House

Rob and I have been house hunting forever. We've actually put bids on a few, only to have someone else outbid us. Houses that were on the market 6 to 21 months suddenly have tons of interest when we look at them! I told our real estate agent that if she has any houses that are hard to move, she should have us put a bid on it so everyone else will suddenly want that house too.

Plus, it's not easy finding a house that fits our needs and wants. We do have seven children so space is an issue. We need to be closer to Rob's work but not too far from our friends. And we'd like some acreage. I'd like to have a chicken coop and maybe a family cow, as well as some woods for the kids to hunt.

I think we found just the right house last night. All I could think was, "This is the perfect house for a Charlotte Mason education!" It has a meadow, a fen, some woods, 2 large ponds, and a creek. There is wildlife everywhere. The house has been vacant for quite sometime and we saw evidence of deer all the way up to the back door.

If we do get the house, the first thing I'll have to do is find a naturalist to come and help us identify all the cool plant life. We could spend years doing nothing but nature studies!

Oh, the house is neat too. It looks very much like a Frank Lloyd Wright house. It blends right into the surrounding nature. It was built in 1968 and is pretty much stuck in 1968. But, hey, retro is in! Plus, they really built things well in 1968. Though some new carpet and wallpaper will be in order (orange and avocado green just rub me the wrong way).

We'll probably put a bid in tomorrow. Please pray that all goes well and no one else suddenly decides that they want it too.

We'll be starting our novena to St. Joseph today!


Simple Faith and Life said...

Very exciting!

Praying for you. :)

Margaret Mary

Lisa said...

Oh I pray this is God's will for you and you won't be that far away from St.Johns:)

Anonymous said...

It sounds great. :)
We miss our wooded acre tremendously since moving here four years ago.

Prayers that all goes as planned and hopefully I'll get to come visit one day. :)

Anonymous said...

Will you put an offer on mine please? LOL! Actually we have a contract, but have not seen it yet. They are waiting until they get their loan approval letter.

'Your' house sounds dreamy for sure! We will pray for you to get yours, and I hope you will remember us as we try to sell ours. We started praying to St. Joseph on his feast day (the first day ours went up for sale) and continue until it's ALL over.

St. Joseph Assist us!

Maureen said...

Snow Mama, we will pray for you! This topic came up on the Charlotte Mason Yahoo Group and so I've been praying for all our friends in the homeschooling community and their homes. St. Joseph is a great friend and I know that he'll look out for both you and me.

I'm sorry Lisa it is far from St. John. Over an hour I'm sure. And yet it's still not as close to Rob's job as he'd like.

Cay, we must get you invited the MI Catholic homeschooling conference one of these days so we can visit! Okay, everyone, write to MCH and tell them to invite Cay!

Thank you MM and everyone for your prayers and good wishes!

walking said...

I am so glad your prayers about your house were answered!

Our Charlotte Mason house has a back porch with rockers where my daughter loves to work and enjoy nature! :-)