Saturday, April 05, 2008

St. Joseph Novena, Day Five

The bank accepted our offer. Now it's time for inspections and the appraisal. In fact, the inspections will take place on Thursday, the day after our novena ends. Because of a weird Michigan property tax law we need to close by May 1st if this is to happen at all. Pray and breathe.

St. Joseph Novena, Day Five

Prayer to be said at the end of each day's devotion.


Nancy C. Brown said...

Yippee! We'll keep praying that the rest of it all goes through and in time.

Good St. Joseph, help the Wittmanns!

Sally Thomas said...

Congratulations! We just started a novena for a)the sale of our current house in a dog of a market (dear St. Joseph, help us!) and b)purchase of another house in North Carolina, where we're moving so my husband can teach at Belmont Abbey College. "Pray and breathe" seems like very good advice to live by right now.