Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Almost On Our Way

Christian and I leave for Steuby in the morning. The car is all packed and everything. My car is acting up, so I used my negotiating skills to get a deal on a rental (half price and unlimited miles!). We'll be going in style. It even has a CD player so we got a BOT from the library to listen to on the long drive.

I had it all set in my mind that there would be no tears. Then my sister sent this email to me today:
Have fun tomorrow Maureen. Just soak in everything. The way he looks, the room,
the weather. Really imprint the memory. Trust me you'll need it. I love you!!
You've done good. Now you can only pray. I am thinking of you. Blessings Chrissy

Gosh, just cutting and pasting it is making my eyes well up. Guess I better grab a box of Kleenex on my way out the door after all.

Please pray for our safe travel.

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Unknown said...

Lord,please give the victims and their families the comfort only you can give, let them feel your love and care without losing faith in you. Please perform miracles on those who are still suffering, like the miracles we have been given so many times in our lives. In Jesus Name, Amen