Monday, August 04, 2008

Harry Potter, RIP

I've been wanting to post more about the foxes living on our property. We've had several cool close encounters and plans to include them in our upcoming nature studies. However, that all changed last night.

One of the adult foxes got a hold of our pet rabbit, Harry Potter last night. HP was a smart rabbit and was able to get away and hide under the propane tank where the fox couldn't get to him. But the damage was done. Sadly, by the time Rob got to HP a few minutes later it was too late. He died a noble death.

We've lost pets before. Why, we've had more pet funerals in our backyard than I can count, but this was different. The children were inconsolable. Even after the burial, they could not calm down. Super Boy kept saying through his tears, "I hate the foxes." At one point, Teen Daughter 2 went downstairs and came back with her .22 and the DNR handbook exclaiming, "We can legally kill it if it's a nuisance or a threat, even if it's out of season!"

Rob and I calmly told her that we didn't think killing the foxes was the right thing to do. Another child excitedly said, "What? You want to wait until it kills Frisky (the cat) or attacks Super Boy (6-years old)?"

They're calmer this morning, but still mourning the loss of HP. And researching fox hunts.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no, not HP... :(

Kim said...

My sincerest condolences. Pet bunnies are special family members.

Al said...

I love foxes! I am so sorry one got a hold of dear HP

Please be careful around foxes. Here in the south they often contract rabies. If they are acting out of the norm Teen daughter 2 might have the right idea.

To be on the safe side contact animal control and ask them if they have had issues with foxes this rabies season...

Maureen said...

Thank you Vivian -- that's good advice!

Maureen said...

Thank you Kimley and Catherine. We also lost the other rabbit, Sparkles, we believe to the foxes. They both lived long and happy lives.