Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nuns, Dolls, and Little Girls

If you are a sweet little girl all of 8-years old and you play with and love on your St. Therese doll everywhere you go, you are sure to attract the attention of every nun within a mile.

Yesterday, Princess Rose was feeling a little under the weather and so, in an effort to raise her spirits, I bought her a one of those soft dolls, Faith Filled Friends. I had promised a souvenir anyway and she was so very excited to receive the gift. She held onto that doll all day with dear life. Between St. Therese and Tylenol, Princess got through the busy day of getting her brother settled into college without serious incident.

The neat part is that the doll made Princess a nun magnate. They'd see her clutching onto that doll and couldn't resist asking for a peek. Each was thrilled to find out that they only at to go to the university bookstore to find one of their own. I think we met and visited with every nun on campus, and that's a good number. In fact, Princess is now the pen pal of a Franciscan sister.

The admiration was mutual. We happened to sit in front of a group of nuns in Mass yesterday. Princess could not keep her eyes off of them. I finally gave up on reminding her to turn around and listen to the bishop. She was mesmerized. She has declared, without a doubt, "I'm going to be a nun when I grow up!"


Nancy C. Brown said...

Oh now that's a cool story, Maureen. How sweet, and fun for everyone to meet all those nuns! And what a great way to encourage vocations.

Lisa said...

That's neat! Yes you will certainly see your fill of nuns at
the Universtiy. Linda and I use to have classes with nuns and we had a priest in our class...those were the days!