Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tips for Freshman

On packing and organizing.

What to pack -- the dorm list.

Tips for the year from fellow students.

Support group for Mom
College for Catholic Homeschoolers

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Anonymous said...

First don't unwrap everything till you get there. Just in case something dosen't fit or it's just not needed, then you can still return tham. Our university gives out the name of the roomate, so you can call and figure who has a microwave and who has a t.v.
Remember to take a small tool box. Fill it with things you will need to set up the room. Poster tape was like currency.
You can buy bed elevators at Bed, Bath, beyond type stores. Leaving lots of room for storage under the bed.
Somethings you won't know you need till you get there. If you need to get things there, stay away from Wal-mart it will be packed and stripped clean. Try to think of some obsure place that may have what you need (hardware store, drug store, ect.)
Take a picnic lunch, because all of the resturants will be packed.
Most important try to have fun. You will need a dolly, wheelbarrow ect. to get things up the elevators. Our university used laundry carts. Parents were in combat mode, arguing and yelling to get them. I looked over and saw my mother sitting in one. My son and I rolled with laughter.
Finally if you can have a friend come with you to drive home. You wont be able to see the road while crying. Chrissy