Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Great Weekend

I've been wanting to write about our weekend since Sunday night, but life is so busy. In just two days, Christian and I leave for Steuby. But more about that tonight or tomorrow.

The 4-H state shoot was a blast! Everything went fairly smoothly for a competition of that size. The weather was gorgeous, the volunteers were out in force, and the kids were oozing the sportsman spirit.

Christian went back to his roots and shot archery in both individual and team, even though he's the 2007 national champion for muzzleloading. This was his last ever 4-H competition since he is soon to be a college student. Christian said his goal for the state shoot was to have fun not to win.

Teen Daughter One had fun, but she also won. In fact, she is now the Michigan state champion for muzzleloading. She took gold in both individual and team. I love it when the girls win!

Teen Daughter Two was right behind TD1 with a silver medal for team muzzleloading. She also got a bronze medal for individual 3-D archery.

Buster and Sparky teamed up with a couple of other friends to compete in BB. This meant that Sparky was actually competing out of his range -- Junior instead of Beginner. But, hey, that didn't get him down. They walked away with the bronze medal for team BB!

I left the picture taking to another 4-H mom. I promise to share with you, once she gets them to me.

Oh, and that wasn't the end of our weekend even! Our friend Marshall came by for a visit with his daughter Annie, son-in-law, and grandchildren Sunday evening. This is kind of a bigger deal than it sounds as Marshall came from California and Annie's family came from Pittsburgh. We had a wonderfully lovely visit. Barbecuing, swimming, fishing, and just plain old visiting. Turned out Annie is homeschooling her young brood and so we had loads to talk about.

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