Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PopeStNick5: Good Discipline Great Teens

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Publisher: Servant Publications
Date Published: Feb. 28, 2007
ISBN: 0867168358
Price: 13.99 Softcover

Comments: Dr. Ray Guarendi is a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and radio host. His radio shows "The Doctor Is In" can be heard weekdays. Dr. Ray has been a regular guest on national radio and television, including Oprah, Joan Rivers, 700 Club, Gordon Elliot, and CBS This Morning.
Note: Dr. Ray is scheduled to speak at the Dayton, OH Catholic homeschooling conference (Preregister as there is limited seating.). I highly recommend his talks! If you can't make the trip to Ohio, you can purchase his DVD's at Ninevah's Crossing. (You can even see a close up of me holding a baby, Princess Rose, in the opening credits of the You're a Better Parent Than You Think DVD.)


Stan Williams said...


Which mother are you in Dr. Ray's Better Parent video? Are you wearing a white blouse, and your baby in a blue jumper?

I shot that and produced the video for Dr. Ray. It too is at Nineveh's Crossing, my webstore.

Maureen said...

Oh gosh, I'm not sure and I loaned out the video. I'm after all the people walking in, right when the credits start and it's leading into the talk. I have brown hair and glasses. Well, I had brown hair then -- it's more gray now :-) And it almost looks like I'm nursing Princess Rose.

The fun part about watching that video, besides Dr. Ray's witty advice and great delivery, is that all my friends are in the audience. (Sorry, I don't know Angelica's mom -- I heard you never found her.)

Maureen said...

Oh one more thing, I'm sitting and my daughter, now Teen Daughter One, then only maybe 8, is sitting next to me. Okay, that should be enough clues :-).

Maureen said...

Oh, one more thing. You and I met very briefly at the Catholic Womens Conference in Detroit in 2006. I bought more videos to give away as Christmas gifts.