Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Catholic Homeschool Blogs

Now that I'm home, I've spent a few minutes going through the Homeschool Blog Awards. There are a lot of neat blogs to be found there.

I was also happy to find quite a few Catholic bloggers included. The nominated category is in paranthesis:

Maureen Wittmann (Super Homeschooler)

Karen Edmistin (Encouragement, Cyber Buddies)

Cay Gibson: Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks (Nitty-Gritty)

By Sun and Candlelight (Super Homeschooler - and currently in the lead, Design, Crafts and Projects, Encouragement)

Melissa Wiley: Here in the Bonny Glen (Super Homeschooler, Mom, Encouragement)

Melissa Wiley: The Lilting House (Super Homeschooler, Mom, Encouragement, Unschooling/Eclectic, Funniest)

Cottage Blessings (Mom, Crafts and Projects, Encouragement, Live-What-You-Believe, Unschooling/Eclectic, New)

Elizabeth Foss: Real Learning (Mom, Live-What-You-Believe, Curriculum/Business, New)

Love2Learn (Group)

Chesterteens (Teen)

My Domestic Church (Live-What-You-Believe, Current Events/Politics)

Van Goal (Teen)

Minnesota Mom (Funniest)

Danielle Bean (Funniest)

Blessed Among Men (New)

O Night Divine (Group)

Please let me know if I've missed any.

Voting closes at midnight on Friday, so go and vote now!

Addendum: I found loads more, but I'm off to Teen Wed. and then I've got a meeting at my house tonight. I'll post them all tomorrow.

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AnnieZS said...

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