Thursday, April 05, 2007

Death of a Rat

While the world wages war, life with it's trivialities continues here.

This week, Sparky's rat Sandy passed on to rat heaven. It was quite the ordeal. It became obvious in the late morning that Miss Sandy was in trouble. She was lethargic and weak. The kids called Rob, who in turn asked me to take the rat to the animal hospital.

I knew that if I took her in that all they would do it euthanize her. I instead called my friend Linda G. (not Linda B.) who is a vet. She came over and examined Sandy. Her prognosis was that Sandy's life was at an end but insisted on doing everything to save her life.

Linda gave Sandy a shot of penicillin and warmed her up in a towel. She then took her home to give her fluids intravenously. But Sandy took her last breath as Linda put her on the heating pad on her kitchen table. Linda then applied CPR. (Yes, for real!)

I am so grateful for friends like these. She brought some peace to my little children, as well as Rob, knowing that nothing was left undone.

Sandy has been properly buried and eulogized.

On a completely different note, I'm off for Easter vacation. Blogging will be little to none for the next several days.

May you all have a very blessed and joyous Easter!


Linda B. said...

Sorry to hear about Sparky's rat, Miss Sandy! I am glad that it was Linda G. and not Linda B. who gave CPR to her! Hat's off to Dr. G.!

Catherine said...

Wow. CPR... to a rat? God bless her! I would've chickened out. ;)