Wednesday, April 25, 2007

God Answers Prayers

Its so cool how God answers prayers. And so typical how I'm so lacking in faith.

As you probably already know, my two oldest kids are going to be competing at the national level for muzzle loading.
Seven of the twelve teens representing Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports are from our local club (and all homeschooled, btw). This is quite the accomplishment, but also a huge financial task. We need to raise $9,000 to cover their travel to South Dakota, lodging, practice fees, ammunition, equipment, etc. I'm the one in charge of fundraising.

So, here's the cool part.

I had set it in my mind that I needed to have at least $2,000 raised by last night's meeting. I was so disappointed when my mailman didn't deliver any envelopes with checks yesterday, leaving my to-date total at $1,950. I really let it get me down.

Well, I went to the meeting and, just as we're about to start, another mom handed two checks to me that put us over $2,000. I was so ecstatic I couldn't stop hugging her. Then, when the meeting was over, another mom gave me a check.

Here I was praying and praying over this fundraising, and still I didn't trust God would handle it. I was so untrusting. Boy, God humbles me every day. And that's a cool thing.

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