Thursday, April 12, 2007

Even More Catholic Homeschooling Blogs

First, another prayer request. Please offer up Heather from the Homeschool Blog Awards in prayer. She learned just yesterday that she has a brain tumor. As Alicia points out, the timing is uncanny. With this being the week of the awards there have been many calls for prayers on her behalf that she may not otherwise have received.

Second, here are even more nominated Catholic homeschooling blogs I need to add to my blogroll. Make sure to check them out and if you like them, you can vote for them at the Homeschool Blog Awards.

Living Without School (Unschooling/Eclectic)

No Fighting No Biting (New)

Mozart and Mud Pies (Crafts and Projects, Super Homeschooler)

Lapaz Farm Home Learning (Living-What-You-Believe, Unschooling/Eclectic)

As Cozy As Spring (Cyber Buddy, Design)

Journey of a Mother's Heart (Living-What-You-Believe)

My Thoughtful Spot (Cyber Buddy)

Among Women (Nitty Gritty)

Liber Parma (Teen)

Happy Hearts at Home (Thrifty - one of my favorite topics!)


Alexandra said...

Thanks for adding me to the sidebat at your thrifty blog! I'm Catholic as well, and nominated in the thrifty category. I'm om St. Blog's and Real Learning rings.

Maureen Wittmann said...

Alexandria, I was so excited to discover your blog through the awards. You're doing great work through your blog -- thank you! I'll add a link here too.