Monday, April 16, 2007

PopeStNick5: Love in the Little Things

My library asks for links to and book reviews when making purchasing requests online. To go to just click on the hyperlink at the book's title or on the picture. I do my best to find online reviews for you but this is sometimes difficult when a book is brand new such as today's book Love in the Little Things.

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Check to see if this title is already in your library's catalog. If it is, put a hold on it and check it out. If not, fill out a patron request form right away. This can usually be done online at your library's website.

Title: Love in the Little Things: Tales of Family Life
Author: Mike Aquilina
Publisher: Servant Publications
Date Published: March 2007
ISBN: 0867168145
Price: 12.99
Comments: Foreword by Scott Hahn
The table of contents.
Back cover blurbs at the author's blog

Note: This book would be a perfect Mother's Day or Father's Day gift if you're looking for something for that special someone. Even if you buy it, still make a purchasing request to your library and still check it out if they do shelve it!

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