Saturday, September 29, 2007

CE: HP and the Pope, Part Two

Part two of Nancy's Harry Potter article is up at Catholic Exchange. Go check it out! You may find an interesting comment or two at the end as well.


Anonymous said...

Now that a main character has been "outed", what do people think now????

Tammy Parker

Maureen said...

Hi Tammy! Good to see you here and not just at CCP and CSI!

Your question deserves a thoughtful answer. One I don't have time to give at this time. (I'm not as scandalized as you might imagine.) Hopefully, in between scouts, Quizbusters, shooting sports, and all those things we call life around here, I can find time to write a well-thought-out blog post on the topic.

In the meantime, Nancy Brown addressed this issue immediately upon hearing the news and you'll find a lively discussion there:

Another interesting discussion in the comments at

Maureen said...

Tammy, here is Mark Shea's response: