Thursday, April 17, 2008

Virtual Homeschool Conferences

I got the following email from someone I met at the Home Education Conference in Denver:

I have come across something on the internet and I wanted to make it known to the Catholic online community if they do not already know. The non-Catholics have tapped into an idea that I think is awesome. They are having online virtual homeschooling conferences! The talks are all audio format and can be heard live or downloaded when they are recorded. Here are links to two I have found. I want the Catholics to do this! I wish I had the know-how to attempt it myself. It is such a cool idea.

Maybe you know someone else I could contact. I would love to help with this.

If you're interested in helping set up something like this, email me and I'll get you connected with the writer.


Amico Dio said...


I'm Amy, one of the owners over at Heart of the Matter Online. We'd love to offer a speaking position at our conference to someone who wanted to teach on Catholic Homeschooling. We already have a couple of writers from the Catholic community but we don't have any that will be speaking at the conference so if you know anyone who is interested then please contact us!

Maureen said...

Amy, thank you so very much for leaving your comment. I'm going to make sure that the lady who asked the question has read it. Perhaps in the future I can contribute a few of my talks. What a great opportunity. May God bless your work abundantly.

Amico Dio said...


I think that is a great idea! Please feel free to submit to us at any time!