Friday, January 12, 2007

Name Calling in the Blogosphere

I received the following comment over on my Thrifty Homeschooler blog, regarding a post To Photocopy or Not:

You're a freaking idiot. I hope your kid becomes more intelligent than you.

Well, actually, this is only the last two sentences of a long rant. Had the anonymous commenter left off these last two sentences, I would have approved his comment. Instead, he lost the opportunity to share his individual wisdom with the world.

I occasionally get comments like this from people who stumble onto my blogs via a google search. I think it is evidence of the coarseness permeating our society. Many people can't just let facts speak for themselves. Hurling insults doesn't convince anyone. It only creates anger and frustration.

This is one reason I focus on a classical education. I prefer to teach my children how to be good rhetoricians so they can search for and find Truth. Sadly, many children today only learn how to argue, with the sole goal of winning, leaving Truth behind.

This is also why I moderate comments.


Leticia said...

I understand, so do I. I also have people from pornographic sites stumble into my site, and though I welcome them, and hope to convert them, I'm afraid of their comments as well.
Why can't people disagree yet remain civil? Because their consciences hurt, they know we have the truth of Christ, and they are struggling against it, and, hopefully, losing. That's where the name calling comes in. They need our prayer, and our moderation.

Simple Faith and Life said...

As a writer, I loved your article: To Photocopy or Not.

As someone who sells used books, I have even wondered if that detracts from the author's profits. But I think I would rather have someone re-sell their copy of Chats with God's Little Ones to their friend, who might then tell their neighbor and their sister-in-law about it, than have it sit in a closet, unused.

At any rate, some people really don't realize that photocopying (without permission) isn't fair to the author or publisher, so I think you do everyone a service with your article.

The good thing is that for those who cannot afford to buy many books at full cost, there are so many options! There are library books, inter-library loans, books for resale, and so many free resources on the internet, including printables.

Anyway, thanks, again, for keeping us informed, Maureen.

Anonymous said...

God's people are all on thier own path to salvation. We as strong believers must be there for them what ever state they are in. Their rantings are often a defense to keep out the TRUTH they wish to ignore, but God is working in all of us (in our reactions) to heal them. Respond in a Christian way and the witness will probely go unnoticed at first, but will eventually work it's way to the surface. Respond negativily and they'll think "all christians are like that" Do your best to be a witness and let God do the rest.
Chrissy P.S. I hope my children are more intelligent than I am, Don't most parents?

Nancy C. Brown said...

I agree that people don't know and can't seem to understand how to discuss issues without it falling sadly into name calling. Well, not everyone, of course. All those people who agree with you don't comment at all on blogs, and so you don't know that for every one person who disagrees this strongly with you, there were probably 20 who read it, nodded, and moved on to the next blog.

Blogging is a challenge, and part, it seems, of our vocations, if we choose to blog. Maybe God is teaching us something when we get comments like this. I find it a struggle to know when to keep comments in there, and respond nicely to them, and when to draw the line, and just remove the comment. I want to be kind, and would never want to be someone's excuse to hate all Catholics or Christians, so I struggle with these kinds of posts.

Anonymous said...


This response does sound like it was from a teen or young adult -- a sort of "Napolean Dynamite" retort. While I thought the film was an entertaining expose on geekdom (I know, I know, you either get it or you don't), it's a sad day for us as a culture when the lines are blurred and Napolean becomes a role model for communication.

This type of response makes constructive dialogue completely impossible and, sadly, we all lose as a result. Personally, I think the dumbing down of our culture is a very strategic demonic activity and the classical movement has been one way the Holy Spirit is keeping a shread of civilization alive.

Bully for you that you're out there making a dent in this mess and that you are raising civil educated leaders for tomorrow!

momto5minnies said...

Well, I have not been as popular as you to receive much of any feedback or responses from my posts(positive or negative).

I too hope and pray that my children will be smarter and happier than I. I'm sure all parents do. Don't think for a second that you are doing anything but a wonderful job with your children.

Maureen said...

Mom to 5 Minnies, what is your blog url? I can't find it on your profile. Maybe because I have the new and supposedly improved Blogger.

momto5minnies said...

I don't regularly post on blogger ...

The blog that I use is ...

I am not sure I love VOX, but it is easy to use. I really need to understand how to set up a blog page (there are so many great ones out there)... Blogger and Typepad seem to offer the ability to "make it your own".

momto5minnies said...

OOPS ... not sure if my previous response went to you.

*That is what I use most, but I do have a blogger site that just sits ...

Mikala said...

"The wicked man sees and is angry..."

I think people who leave insults or general negativity as comments are venting because they are moved by jealousy. To the non-christian, walking in darkness for the majority of his or her life, christianity and especially the beauty of the Catholic Church appears to them like a gorgeous party that they couldn't get into if they tried. They feel unworthy. It sheds light on their darkness, and so their response is to try and drag those that walk in the light into the darkness as well.

Our responsibility is to show them not only can they get into the party, but that they are constantly invited, and missed, and really, it is the only party worth going to anyway. Thank you for a wonderful blog!