Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve Party

We spent last night celebrating at Chuck and Linda's house. It was a wild partying crowd with around 25 adults and 65 kids. It was so wild in fact that we couldn't wait for midnight and brought the New Year in at 9:30 PM, shooting off fireworks. (Actually, we celebrated early so wee ones would be awake to participate.)

As usual, most of the women hung out in the kitchen to chat away. The men broke up into two groups. One playing cards in the dining room and the other competing in a pool tounament in the basement. Oops, I mean the lower level. The little girls played dress-up and the little boys ran around shooting each other and making grunting noises. The teens played cards and board games, with the occasional hat stealing or dunking in the pond incident. All in all, it was your average family party. Especially when you factor in all the awesome food!

I was feeling a bit tired and suggested to Rob we leave about 10 PM, but Chuck decided to build a bonfire about that time. Rob and the kids can't resist a bonfire. Besides, the Wittmanns are always the last to leave a party and it just wouldn't be right to break tradition. We got home about 1:45 AM.

Before leaving the party, the teens asked Rob is they could watch a movie when we got home. (Because we don't have enough kids of our own, we had two extra teens come home with us.) Rob gave his permission, figuring they'd be too dead tired when they got home. I think Rob forgot he was dealing with teens. We got home and they were more than ready for movie time.

We watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose. This is the kind of movie that you don't just hand to a teen and say "go watch it!" So, Rob and I stayed up with them. (I promise to give a full review of the movie in another post.) We got to bed after 4 AM. Of course, Super Boy was up at 6:30 AM, so napping has been the order of the day today.

So goes the wild and crazy life of a Catholic homeschooling family.


Alice Gunther said...

It sounds like a great party, Maureen!

I am looking forward to your review of the Emily Rose movie.

EC Gefroh said...

Happy New Year Maureen. I too, look forward to your review. We saw it with our teen too.

Dani said...

LOL It sounds like you had a wonderful many good memories.

I hope you get a chance to make up your lost sleep. love, Dani

Anonymous said...

The official count was 29 adults and 62 children. Of course, it is friends like you that make the party!

Anonymous said...

That was such a fun party. Though, I forgot to put a sign on my bedroom door saying "No Food Or Confetti, What-so-ever, In This Room!" Though, I don't think that would've worked either... at least my room got cleaned!