Thursday, January 25, 2007

No More Marches!

Due to a broken foot, there was a teen who couldn't come with us. When he was seeing us off on Sunday I said to him, "You'll get to come with us next year." He replied, "There won't be a next year!"

What an awesome attitude! This is why we need youth in this movement: They have hope that Roe will be overturned soon, very soon.


Dani said...

Great photos and stories! I'm really enjoying your series of posts on the March.

My twins really want to attend in the next year or so (when Quinn gets a bit bigger), but I'm praying, along with your guest bloggers, that there will be no more need for it. love, Dani

Leticia said...

This is a new theme that I also heard repeated at the March. . .that there WILL be victory, perhaps as early as this coming year. I have been going on and off since 1978, and this year, despite electoral losses, there was tremendous hope in the crowd.

Maybe the youth know something we veterans don't. Let's listen to them.