Monday, January 28, 2008

Angela Speaks Up

After the March for Life last year (scroll down then click on older posts to read), I asked the kids to write a few paragraphs for me about their experience. I've done the same this year. The difference is that last year we had 14 teens and preteens, this year we had 40. We also had 11 adults this year and I've asked them to contribute as well. So, sit back and enjoy -- I plan 1 or 2 reflections a day.

Our first marcher is also one of our youngest. Angela is all of 11-years old and she sure knows wrong when she sees it:

When the Supreme Court made abortion legal it's like saying murder is legal. When someone is killed the murderer would go to jail but the doctors get $400 for aborting a baby. When I went on the March for Life and saw a picture of an aborted baby it showed me how bad abortion really is. On the March I saw how many people were there and I thought "All the people took time off from what they where doing to help protect the unborn." I thought that was so cool.

I saw a flyer about the movie Bella. This movie is about a woman who is pregnant and isn't married. She wants to abort the baby but her friend wants her to have the baby and he wants to adopt the child. I think that you will love this movie, and I was glad to see it on the March. This movie was not going to come to a theater in Michigan but my mom and our church supported it and it came to the theater. This was such a blessing! I hope that someday abortion will be illegal.


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