Friday, January 25, 2008

The March and Youngsters

One thing that strikes everyone who attends the March for Life is how youth driven it is. The kids thought it was about 75% high school and college age students. I don't know if it was quite that high, but it was definitely overwhelming.

One of the teens shared with me that because of the youthfulness of the prolife movement, Roe vs. Wade would be overturned. He felt that as the 60's generation began to die off and fall from power, his generation would be able to step in and do away with abortion on demand.

If anything, these kids have great hope. And I don't doubt in my mind for a moment that they will work to change the world to be a better place than my generation left it.


Laura said...

I live right outside DC and work in a Catholic School in DC. Before our students even left the school to go downtown for the youth Mass, we received word that the Verizon center was filled to capacity. Did they want to forget it? No way. They went to Mass at a nearby church downtown so they could stand and be counted! I am so proud of kids these days and there courage in spite of the crazy culture in which we are raising them.

Karen Edmisten said...

What a beautiful witness for life!

Lisa said...

They give us so much hope! The 60's was an awful time in American
History.........Go Youht!