Monday, January 28, 2008

LOL Authentically Catholic?

I received the following inquiry recently. In case any of you have the same question, I'm posting here.

I am interested in your new book For the Love of Literature, but have a question that I hope does not offend you in anyway. Is it authentically Catholic throughout? I know that not everything I use can have the Church's stamp of approval, but I need something that has sifted out the blatantly anti-Catholic world view. I am still learning myself and trying to implant a beautiful, authentic Catholic worldview in my family. It is easy to get confused; to know something is not right, but not quite know why. I am getting an education right along with my young children, and I need help from some one who has gone before me on this path.

I really appreciated this email and was not offended at all. In fact, I greatly respect the writer's dedication to providing a truly Catholic education for her children.

To answer her question: I worked hard to sift out anti-Catholic books and focus on books that raise up our children's hearts and minds to heaven. Books that help them see the beauty of our Catholic faith as well as educate them in core subjects.

There are a few book suggestions that do require a parent's discretion due to mature topics. Those books are marked with an asterisk so that parents are forewarned.

Also, I marked all authentically Catholic books with a cross, so that a parent can easily choose good books without worry.

I left out overtly Protestant books. There are secular titles -- it's impossible to do otherwise -- but I worked to make sure they weren't titles that attacked our faith in any way.

If anyone has concerns, questions, or comments about For the Love of Literature, please don't hesitate to leave a comment here on the blog or to email me.

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Thank you for you Blog. God Bless you.. :)