Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Guide to the Passion

The winner of yesterday's book, The Da Vinci Deception: 100 Questions About the Facts and Fiction of The Da Vinci Code by Mark Shea, is . . . envelope please,

Christine in TX

Christine has been notified of her win and patiently awaiting the postman's arrival with her new book.

Today is Saturday. That means that you have two days to get your entry in to me. But I wouldn't wait. Email me at with your name and address to enter. All entries need to be received before 5 AM on Monday morning.

Oh, you want to know the title of today's book? Details, details. You may have already guessed, being Mark Shea Week and all, that it is a Mark Shea title. Actually, this book was written by the editors at Catholic Exchange and Mark is the senior editor. A Guide to the Passion: 100 Questions About The Passion of The Christ [Ascension Press] would be a cool book to win. I don't know about you, but I have older teenagers who viewed the movie with me and A Guide to the Passion helped the kids (and me!) a lot.

This is the definitive guide to understanding the message and the artistry behind Mel Gibson's powerful film, The Passion of the Christ. If you loved the film, you will want this book.

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