Friday, January 18, 2008

Chartered Bus Etiquette

This is my first time chartering a bus and I have kind of a dumb question. (Yes, I know - the only dumb question is the one unasked.)

Do you tip the bus driver?

When you get married and rent a limousine, you tip the limo driver. Do you do the same with the bus driver if he or she does a very nice job?

I'd ask Miss Manners, but we leave on Monday and I don't think she can get back to me that fast.

Thanks for any help!


Teresa said...

Hi Maureen,
The tip may already be included in the cost. However, if you really appreciate the driver, $1 per person is nice. Grumpy drivers deserve no reward of course.
Teresa (sister to a driver)

Anonymous said...

The internet was not helpful, so I called the local busline and found out. The customary tip is 1 dollar per person, per day. OUCH!! It is not customary to pay for thier dinner, as they are generally given a allowance for that. Wish I had better news. Chrissy

Anonymous said...

Yes, if the driver does a good job tipping is appropriate.

Are you heading to the March? Perhaps you could pass a hat and ask for everyone to chip in for the driver.

Mary G said...


What we've done is take up a collection on the bus towards the end of the journey -- only if he/she has been particularly helpful or nice -- and then present the bus driver with that as the last person leaves the bus. It's a good way to get everyone thanking the driver ... but again, only if the driver has been nice; it's not a have to do or a certain percent as far as I know.

Maureen said...

Thanks everyone! I let all the marchers know that we'd be passing the hat at the end of the trip and that, if our drive is nice and helpful, the going rate is $1 per person, per day. Whew, one last thing to worry about. I'm sure learning a lot in planning this DC trip.

Yep, Michelle, we're heading to the march. Will you be there?

Anonymous said...

Most of my family will be there but I will be home with the littlest ones --watching you all on EWTN!