Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home From the March

We're home. We're alive, though dead tired. And, being the crazy homeschoolers we are, we have Scouts this morning and Science Olympiad this evening.

I have so much to tell you about the March for Life, but I am afraid it will have to wait.

In the meantime, thank you all so much for your prayers. The trip was a great success. Also, my friend Linda not only survived watching my littles but they all had a wonderful time.

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Cecilia Tombelli said...

March for Life-Sign that nation is poised for change
I was born on the eastside of Detroit, Michigan at a time when abortion
was illegal, life was protected, kids felt safe and neighborhood families
cared for each other. Because of my own security, the decision by the US
Supreme Court to legalize abortion January 22, 1973 did not have much of
an impact on me at the age of five. Growing up in the home of an Irish
Catholic father, a graduate in the field of Social Work from Chicago’s
Loyola University, and a pious, traditional Lebanese mother, who taught
underprivileged children in Detroit’s public school system for years,
the thought of legalizing the pre-planned murder of innocent children was
an idea that I would come to abhor. For thirty-five years the tables have
been turned against the safety and love of our American children.
Fortunately, the tide is changing, as is evidenced in responses to surveys
about the presidential race, that voters are no longer on the fence. The
clear cut lines drawn between the two top Democratic and Republican
candidates on the issue of abortion is proof that the abortion issue will
affect the way voters vote. The recent show of strength by a hundred
thousand pro-life supporters from around the country at the March for Life
in Washington, D.C. was proof voters are strongly united against abortion
and in favor of change. As one politician reminded us, for young people
under the age of 35, the lives of one-third of their generation have been
snuffed out.
Is this a legitimate issue of pubic interest on a state or national level?
Let’s compare abortion to the other top concerns by those surveyed on the
issue of the presidential election. The violence, fear and intimidation of
terrorism of our nation by foreign nationals pales compared to the attack
launched daily on innocent unborn lives in the womb of the nations’
mothers. Is not America as concerned about its future generations of
workers, leaders, and businessmen and women as it is about economic
instability and unemployment, global warming and environmental pollution,
job growth and recession? There is no chance for growth and prosperity, if
moral relativism runs awry and a self-focused nation of over-achievers
stands idly by while we kill off the next generation of countrymen and
The country came together for change as Jew, Catholic, Protestant,
Orthodox and Evangelical denominations joined congressmen and other
politicians to rally the crowds of older teens and college age voters
chanting “P-R-O-L-I-F-E, oh, ah, oh, ah!!” Fathers pushing baby
strollers, young seminarians and priests in black cassocks walked in step
with Nurses for Life and sisters in habits to send the same message: The
horror of abortion must end and indeed as Hillary Clinton and Barack
Obama’s 100 percent homicide track records were advertised in posters,
there shown more than just a ray of hope that the next election may shape
the politics of abortion in favor of change. Indeed, a rainbow appeared in
the sky over the capitol just after a sprinkling of rain fell around five
o’clock in the afternoon. Some took that as a sign for change. The
mention by one Jewish religious leader of Pope Benedict’s upcoming April
visit in New York, brought a roar from the crowd, pointing to his authority
to lead the nation’s most staunch supporters of life.
Fortunately in Michigan we have won another small battle with the Senate
panel’s passage of a ban on partial birth abortion. The media may do
well to come to grips with the fact that the country is deeply divided on
this issue, much like slavery separated father and son, brother and
cousin. The show of strength in numbers and unbroken spirit in Washington
this week is proof that the pro-life side won’t go away until the
battles lead to the final victory, and all abortion procedures and drugs
are made illegal.
Cecilia Tombelli